At, we take pleasure in uniting you with unique handmade jewelry. Each gorgeous design is one of a kind and made exclusively for you! Our talented jewelry designers will interpret what you want in your piece and create a design that is truly only yours to have and hold.

When traveling around Europe, Fion Ng chanced upon unique handmade jewelry in glamour workshops and artisan bazaars. Each piece was custom made and designed to touch the wearer’s heart. Fion realized that the pieces magnified and enhanced the wearer’s own style. Since she knows Asian customers are dynamic and appreciate individuality, she decided to bring this gift of beautiful craftsmanship back to Asia.

We hope you will enjoy our pieces and fall in love as she has done! We are passionate about bringing you unique, exceptional jewelry. You’ll be happy to find that our pieces are stylish and fashionable, and will definitely make you the envy of your friends!